Mülleimer II - Dachstein Autumn 2011

The best and the worst video ever! Enjoy!

Mülleimer II - Dachstein Autumn 2011 from YU-GO FIRST on Vimeo.

In autumn 2011 we spent 5 weeks on our favorite glacier resort in Austria, Dachstein. This is a leftover edit of some tricks that are not going to be used in the other edits, some bails and some random funny situations. You can find full edits between the videos on this vimeo profile, two of them are still waiting to be uploaded so stay tuned!

Here are two other videos that you cannot find on this vimeo profile featuring YU-GO's on Dachstein, also filmed and edited by Rene Gallo:


It was a quality time these 5 weeks on Dachstein glacier. Snowboarding every day under the blue sky, playing music in the afternoon by the fireplace, eating good food, chilling in front of the house with the beautiful view and making fun out of everything all the time.

Big thanks to Vid, Ana, Rene, Claudia, Carlos, Crista and everyone else who happened to be around. Thank you for the great times! The Saga continues in summer 2012

Filmed by Rene Gallo.

Riding by

YU-GO's: Vid Barić, Matic Zavodnik, Andrej Marinčič, Nejc Ferjan, Žiga Rakovec, Žiga Erlač, Luka Jeromel, Luka Podlogar, Ana Rumiha, Erik Harc

Friends: David Struber, Flo Pötzl, Gerald Fuchs

Song: Crocodiles - Mirrors