Yu-GO FIRST presents: Matic Zavodnik

Yu-GO 1st presents: Matic Zavodnik from YU-GO FIRST on Vimeo.

Fourth out of 5 edits from yugos riding Dachstein glacier in autumn 2011. Matic Zavodnik is one of the Slovenians representing Yu-Go movement, better recognize!

"I just enjoy seeing Matic ride! Steezy Slovenian homeboy, Mr. Seducer, has tricks for whatever and whenever we ride. Whether it's kicker or rails you can see this partyboy throwing locked and stylish tricks while fighting against spinning on the rails in his anti-swizzle campaign. I love you bro." - Vid Barić

Camera & Edit: Rene Gallo

One last edit to come, badboy Nejc Ferjan on the way!